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5 New Doosan NHP 8000 HMC’s to MAKE MORE 550 lb Parts

Our partners at Impact CNC based in Columbia City, Indiana was featured on as a Doosan Shop success story. Since 2012, Impact CNC has been utilizing their 50+ Doosan machining and turning centers to manufacture parts for the agriculture, industrial, construction, off road, and transportation industries.

Need for NHP

In November 2019, Impact CNC won a bid that required five new machining centers to machine mid-frame components for agricultural tractors. After several years of using and trusting the reliability of Doosan’s machining centers, Impact CNC reached out to the Ellison Technologies and Doosan team to find the perfect machine to fit their needs.

According to [Jerry Busche, President/Owner], “It's basically one of the first components required when producing the vehicle.” It involves the machining of two 500-pound castings made of ductile cast iron that are bolted together and then machined again. This results in a 1,000-pound casting, which requires a big 800mm size horizontal machining center.

The NHP 8000 stood out as the ideal machine with its 24.8” maximum tool length, 60 tool ATC, full 4th axis, CAT50 BIG PLUS, 50 hp, 310 ft-lbs. torque, 10,000 rpm spindle, and 31.5” pallet with a weight capacity of up to 4,400 lbs. Satisfied with the rigidity and productive features of the NHP, Impact CNC moved to acquire five to begin fulfilling their contract. "[Impact CNC has] two NHPs machining the 550 lb. casting halves, two more that machine those castings once they're assembled (1,000 lbs.), and the 5th machine as a spare." Another Ellison customer and Doosan user, PDQ Workholding, provided custom hydraulic fixturing for the NHP’s giving Impact CNC extra support for their high-volume production.

Ellison Support

When Impact CNC initially requested the NHP 8000’s, they were not in-stock at the time. Committed to delivering the best support, the Ellison and Doosan team worked quickly to get all five NHP’s delivered within a few months after the order was processed. The Ellison team has provided continuous service support on all of Impact CNC’s Doosan machines as well as applications knowledge for alternate machining methods.

Ellison Technologies has been key to offering knowledge of all the different ways of machining with the Doosan product line. “We have a great engineering staff, so we don’t need a lot of application support, Jerry said. “But when we have a new idea, we always run it up the hill to get their take on it.”

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