Emergency Rescue Equipment Manufacturer Case Study

Featured Equipment:  
Industry:  Industrial, Military
Machine Type / Process:  Mill Turn Centers, Robotic Automation

The customer’s old method of manufacturing was done by a combination of lathes and vertical machining centers. Each of these machines had specific tooling for the operation being performed. This process resulted in the stack up of tolerances, thus making the desired parts to be made with the required tolerance parameters very difficult and tedious to accomplish.


The customer wanted to incorporate a mill turn lathe with robot load and unload into their manufacturing plan. They believed that this would be very important to them now and in the future as they continue to take advantage of modern technology to reduce costs and increase productivity. The goal of the customer was to increase production, learn more about automation and see if it would be useful in other parts of their facility.


Utilizing a FANUC Robotics M-20iA six axis robot and controller, the automation cell designed by Ellison Technologies Automation includes an outbound conveyor and a mill turn machine designed for inbound. Able to incorporate a single part gripper or a Robotiq Hand Gripper to manage all 28 parts, the robot unloads parts from the machine tool and places them on the 5’ long and 12” wide outbound conveyor.

End Result

The automation cell now runs 24 hours a day and production has increased to three parts per hour, an increase from one part per hour.

“It was money well spent and we are saving so much by not having the operator idle,” said a company representative. “It’ll pay for itself in approximately a year when you consider overnight operation costs.”


Complex process 
Monotonous for operators
One part per hour


24-hour automated production
Decreased cost
Three parts per hour