Duonetics, Inc.

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Industry:  Aerospace, Energy / Oil & Gas
Machine Type / Process:  Multi-Axis Machines, Five-Axis Machines, Set-up Reduction
Duonetics, Inc. wanted to expand their manufacturing capabilities for producing parts that required more than 3-axis machining. They were receiving a high number of requests for complex jobs but could not fulfill them without a 5-axis machine. As a result, they were missing out on vital opportunities for the company’s growth. 

Duonetics, Inc. attained the AS9100 certification, which opened up the door to provide major aerospace companies with parts without limitations. As requests came flooding in, Duonetics was forced to turn them down because they did not have 5-axis machining capabilities to produce the requested parts. Robert Pernice, the CEO and co-owner, knew that investing in advanced technologies was the solution to their problem. They needed a 5-axis machine that could cut through aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and non-ferrous alloys and produce parts with close tolerances to meet the stringent requirements of their customers.

Ellison recommended a 5-axis machine tool with an 18,000 RPM spindle, ceramic bearings, thermal stabilization, blum laser, Renishaw probe, and a 3D quick set for automatic self calibration. 
End Result

The 5-axis machine has enabled Duonetics to meet the close tolerances of major jobs for the aerospace and oil & gas industries. It has opened up job new opportunities and they are no longer limited, the services they offer are greatly enhanced and they are able to grow their business. In addition, the machine has also improved the repeat process for 2-3 axis parts. The operators are very pleased with the versatility and ease of programming with their new Open Mind Hyper Mill software and as a result, they have experienced increased throughput. 


“Without the support of Ellison Technologies, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today, especially in this economy.” 
-Robert Pernice, Owner and CEO of Duonetics, Inc.
Company Background
For over 50 years, Duonetics, Inc. has been providing high quality precision parts to companies in various industries including Aerospace and Oil & Gas. Founded and operated by the Pernice family in Orange County, California, Duonetics was built around the key principles for success: innovation, efficiency, quality, and adaptability. Despite the toughest of times, Robert Pernice, son of founder Charles Pernice, has brought the company to a new level of success “by expanding our business with 5-axis machining while thriving during tough times.” Robert and his father have always believed that investing in high-quality machines and products would ensure that their business offered their customers the highest quality parts and the best service possible.