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This brand is only available in Illinois and Central.

Surface, Contour, and Form Measuring Machines

Contour, Surface, and Mobile Surface Measurement: SURFCOM Series

ZEISS’ SURFCOM Series offers a selection of machines capable of measuring a variety of surfaces with different levels of functionality and automation. The SURFCOM NEX offers combinable sensors to capture roughness and contour measurements. The SUFROM CREST features a laser-interferometric measuring systems with high resolution and is ideal for calibration labs. The SURFCOM C5 is ideal for quality assurance measurements in volume production. Additionally, ZEISS offers the SURFCOM TOUCH and HANDYSURF mobile measuring instruments which are ideal for capturing surface measurements on non-transportable workpieces.

Form Measurement: RONDCOM Series

ZEISS' form measurement devices include the RONDCOM series which include compact desktop instruments, semi-automatic units equipped with rotary table, and spindle form testers.