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This brand is only available in Illinois and Central.

Optical Metrology

3D Scanning Systems

ZEISS offers a variety of 3D Scanning Systems to meet your optical metrology needs. 3D Scanning combines high-end technology, flexibility, and ergonomics to capture free-form surfaces with high precision measurements. ZEISS offers a variety of 3D Scanning solutions including the COMET series, designed for mobility and high resolution scanning to render your parts into 3D models, the T-SCAN for portable laser scanning, and the ABIS II for high precision defect detection.

Multi-Sensor Measurement: O-INSPECT

Optical measuring technology is limited only by how well the part itself, its shape, color and surface quality can be made visible. ZEISS lays the foundation for optical measurements with the powerful and flexible O-INSPECT Multi-Sensor Optical Measurement System. The O-INSPECT is the ideal for true 3D measurements with a 4x larger visual field than standard optical lenses, and is capable of measuring both via optics and contact.

Profile Projector: O-SELECT

ZEISS offers Profile Projector Optical Measurement Systems that make fast and high precision measurements and comparisons of small parts. The O-SELECT Profile Projector is equipped with fully automatic illumination and focus setting to reduce operator measuring errors. With built in automated lighting sensors, the O-SELECT ensure accurate measurements without leaving anything in the dark.