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This brand is only available in Illinois and Central.

Large CMMs


Modular by design and capable of having configuration, sensor, and software upgraded individually, the ZEISS ACCURA is tailored to meet a wide variety of requirements. The ACCURA is capable of being tailored to measure a range of parts from large to small and is built to operate in high temperatures.


The MM Z E Gantry CMM from ZEISS is the ideal solution for measuring parts that are transported on floor conveyors. With the MMZ E, the floor becomes your table allowing you to measure parts that are difficult move or lift. The MMZ E is open on all sides allowing easy access and visibility, allows additional configuration options like aluminum and ceramic ram, and creates a safety barrier around the operator when operating the machine.


Built with the largest measuring range, the MMZ G bridge-type CMM is the largest measuring machine offered by ZEISS. The MMZ is capable of measuring massive parts including printing machines, wind turbines, aerospace, and has numerous uses in the mechanical engineering field. This large CMM minimizes costs due to wear with its extremely sturdy structure, maximizes ergonomic efficiency, and offers exceptional scanning performance.


Designed for measuring complex workpieces with tight tolerances, the ZEISS MMZ M is the ideal solution for precise measurements with an favorable acquisition cost. The MMZ M is capable of operating in harsh environmental conditions, requires minimal footprint for its measuring range, offers ergonomic operation with all-sided views and walk-in measuring area, and features a mobile date station for direct programming on the workpiece.


The ZEISS MMZ T Large Bridge CMM is capable of measuring parts up to 14.8 m³ (522.6 ft³) and boreholes 1,200 mm (47.2 in) deep. As the longest table bridge-type measuring machine from ZEISS, the MMZ T features technology that optimizes safety for the operatory and the machine, enlarged measuring performance, efficient measuring of heavy workpieces, and long term robust stability.