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This brand is only available in Illinois and Central.

Bridge CMMs


Tailored to meet your needs, the ZEISS ACCURA features a futureproof modular design that can be modified to meet changing configuration, sensor, and software requirements. The ACCURA is optimized to operate in high temperatures, built with a light weight structure that retains extreme rigidity, and has removable housing panels for a maintenance-friendly design.


The ZEISS CONTURA features convenient controls with a user-friendly control panel and joystick for precise control, and Computer-Aided Accuracy (CAA) to calculate compensation for dynamic inertia effects to ensure constant precision at high measuring speeds.


A solution to meet demands for industries requiring increasingly more compact and accurate parts, ZEISS offers the MICURA Bridge CMM. Designed for small and precise measurement and high-speed scanning, the MICURA has a measuring accuracy of less than a micrometer and is capable of scanning up to 200 measuring points per second.


The ZEISS PRISMO Bridge CMM is features contact and optical measuring capabilities and supported with Computer-Aided Accuracy to optimize fast, precision scanning. PRISMO equipped for production environments to minimize time transporting parts from production to measuring labs.


Enter a new level of precision with the ZEISS SPRECTRUM CMM. SPECTRUM features Advanced Scanning Technology, Computer Aided Accuracy, High Resolution Measuring, and System Stability. Built with a stiff base frame and real tripod construction, full wrap around air bearing, integrated earthquake protection, and patented glass ceramic scales with almost no temperature expansion, the SPECTRUM delivers precision through stability.


When maximum precision is required, the ZEISS XENOS answers the call. The XENOS is capable of measuring a range of nearly one cubic meter and features a virtual central drive which consists of two linear Y-axis drives that are synchronized to optimize force distribution for maximum accuracy. Linear drives are utilized on all axis allowing high speeds, fast acceleration, high positioning accuracy, and force-free drives. Additionally, the XENOS uses a silicon-carbide ceramic for parts of the machine’s structure which provides 50% lower thermal expansion, up to 30% higher rigidity, and 20% reduced machine weight in comparison to the standard aluminum-oxide ceramic structures.