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This brand is only available in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio & Kentucky .


2 Spindle, Multi-turning Centers

The 2-spindle, multi-turning centers from TAKAMAZ are built for high production environments.

  • XY-120 Plus
  • XY-2000 Plus

1 Spindle, 1 Turret Precision Lathes

The horizontal turning centers in this series excel in high production environments and accommodate small diameter parts.  A standard feature on these models is the built-in gantry system.

  • XC-100
  • XC-150
  • XL-100
  • XL-150
  • XL-200
  • X-120
  • GSL-15

1 Spindle, 2 Turret Precision Lathes

Slash your cycle time by performing multiple operations (ID and OD) on a part at the same time.  The built-in gantry system will further reduce your production time.

  • X-S700

2 Spindle, 1 Slide Precision Lathes

Perform twin operations and reduce cycle time with these 2-spindle, 1-slide precision lathes. You can reduce your cycle time by loading one spindle while the other spindle is cutting. These models also feature a built-in gantry system.

  • XD-8 Plus
  • XD-10i

2 Spindle, 2 Slide Precision Lathes

The 2-spindle, 2-slide lathes from TAKAMAZ  are ideal for high production environments.  Perform multiple operations on a single machine for higher productivity.

  • XW-30
  • XW-30 Plus
  • XW-60/60M
  • XW-80/80M
  • XW-130
  • XW-130M
  • XW-200

CNC Precision Lathes

TAKAMAZ offers specialized machining equipment for high production, high precision applications.

  • USL-480
  • J-Wave
  • Top-Turn 2
  • Polygon Machine