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This brand is only available in North Central, Pacific Northwest, Wisconsin, Indiana, Central, Ohio & Kentucky , California - Northern, and California - Southern.

Hole Drilling EDM

AgieCharmilles DRILL 20

The AgieCharmilles DRILL 20 is designed for 3-axis starter hole drilling with brass, copper, and carbide electrodes. The DRILL 20 is optimized for faster set up cycles utilizing edge, center, and corner finding technology, and easy programming and erosion set up for multiple holes with different diameters.

Machine Model Unit DRILL 20
Max Workpiece Weight kg (lbs) 300 (661)
X-axis Travel mm (in) 300 (11.8)
Y-axis Travel mm (in) 200 (7.9)
Z-axis Travel mm (in) 300 (11.8)
Electrode Diameter mm (in) 0.3-3 (0.012-0.12)