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This brand is only available in North Central, Pacific Northwest, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Central, South Central, Ohio & Kentucky , California - Northern, California - Southern, and Southeast.

VCF Series

VCF 850

Process everything from small parts to the largest, most complicated workpieces with the VCF 850.  It has a worm-gear driven 4th axis spindle head along with an optional mounted or integrated 5th axis rotary table.  Roller-type LM guideways provide the accuracy and stability necessary for detailed manufacturing.


Machine Model Unit VCF 850 VCF 850 L
Travel Distance X-axis mm (in) 2,000 (78.7) 3,000 (118.1)
Travel Distance Y-axis mm (in) 850 (33.4646)
Travel Distance Z-axis mm (in) 800 (31.4961)
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z mm (in) 40 (1574.8)
Max Spindle Speed r/min 12,000
Max Spindle Taper - ISO #40, 7/24 Taper
Tool Storage Capacity Std (Opt) 30 (60)
Table Length mm (in) 2,500 (98.4) 3,500 (137.8)
Table Width mm (in) 870 (34.25)
Tooling Type Std (Opt) BT40 (Cat 40/DIN/HSK)

Available configurations: 850, 850L/5AX, 850ST, 850SLR.