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This brand is only available in North Central, Pacific Northwest, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Central, South Central, Ohio & Kentucky , California - Northern, California - Southern, and Southeast.

PUMA V Series


The PUMA V400 uses a A2-8 American standard spindle nose and a 29.5 HP motor to achieve spindle rates as high as 3,000 RPM, while its Meehanite bed and integral box guideways provide the rigid foundation needed for superior precision, deep cutting and rugged dependability.


Machine Model Unit PUMA V400 PUMA V400 M
Max Turning Diameter mm (in) 496 (19.5) 420 (16.5)
Max Turning Length mm (in) 461 (18.1) 400 (15.7)
Spindle Speed r/min 3,000
Travel Distance X-axis mm (in) 268 (10.55)
Travel Distance Z-axis mm (in) 488 (19.2)
Rapid Traverse X-axis m/min (IPM) 20 (787)
Rapid Traverse Z-axis m/min (IPM) 20 (787)
No. Tools Std (Opt) 12 (8) 12 (BMT)
OD Tool Holder Shank Size mm (in) 25 (1.0)
ID Tool Max Shank Diameter mm (in) 50 (2.0) 40 (1.5)

Available configurations: V400, V400 M (Milling capable)


With even more power than the PUMA V400, the PUMA V550 achieves a total spindle motor power of 49.6 HP. Four rows of high precision roller bearings and two rows of angular contact thrust bearings support the A2-11 American standard type spindle nose. Permanent lubrication in the assembly eliminates routine maintenance and reduces thermal growth.


Machine Model Unit  PUMA V550 PUMA V550 2SP
Max Turning Diameter mm (in) 730 (28.7)
Max Turning Length mm (in) 750 (29.5)
Spindle Speed r/min 20-2,000
Travel Distance X-axis mm (in) 390 (15.4)
Travel Distance Z-axis mm (in) 780 (31.0)
Rapid Traverse X-axis m/min (IPM) 12 (472)
Rapid Traverse Z-axis m/min (IPM) 16 (630)
No. of Tools Std (Opt) 12 12 + 12
Turning Tool Shank Size mm (in) 32 (1.25)
Boring Bar Diameter mm (in) 60 (2.5)
Rotating Tool Speed r/min - 3,000
Min Programmable Angle deg. - 0.001
Rapid Traverse - Indexing r/min - 50

Available configurations: V550, V550 2SP

PUMA V8300

NEW! The PUMA V8300 is a wide capacity vertical turning center that offers outstanding machining performance. The high-power vertical lathe has a maximum turning diameter of 32.7 inches and a turning length of 29.5 inches. It boasts a highly reliable servo-driven turret that maintains highest level of accuracy and reliability during long periods of operation.


Machine Model Unit PUMA V8300
Max Turning Diameter mm (in) 830 (32.7)
Max Turning Length mm (in) 750 (29.5)
Chuck Size in 15
Max spindle speed r/min 2,000
Spindle motor power kW (Hp) 37/30 (49.6/40.2)
Spindle bearing inner dia. mm (in) 160 (6.3)