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This brand is only available in North Central, Pacific Northwest, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Central, South Central, Ohio & Kentucky , California - Northern, California - Southern, and Southeast.

Puma TW Series

PUMA TW2100-GL & TW2600-GL

Double your output in a single set-up. The PUMA TW2100-GL and TW2600-GL horizontal turning center is equipped with twin parallel spindles, turrets, and gantry loader to increase and automate your production. The 2100 comes standard with an 8 in chuck with an option for a 6 inch chuck and the 2600 comes standard with a 10 inch chuck and option for an 8 or 12 inch chuck. With several chuck size options backed by the built in high-speed gantry loaded, these machines bring the power, speed, and performance to greatly increase your lathe machining production.


Machine Model Unit PUMA
Travel Distance X-axis mm (in) 135 (5.3) 190 (7.4)
Travel Distance Z-axis mm (in) 160 (6.3) 180 (7.1)
Rapid Traverse X-axis m/min (IPM) 24 (945)
Rapid Traverse Z-axis m/min (IPM) 24 (945)
Chuck Size in 8 (6 opt) 10 (8/12 opt)
Max Turning Diameter mm (in)    230 (9.1) 360 (14.1)
Max Turning Length mm (in)    160 (6.3) 170 (6.7)
Spindle Speed r/min 4,500 3,500
Tool Station per turret 10
Turning Tool Shank Size mm (in) 25 (1.0)
Spindle Bore Diameter mm (in) 61 (2.4)